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Video of the Day: BJ Penn backtracking, appologetic for GSP-steroids comments

BJ Penn‘s recent public comments about Georges St-Pierre using steroids have probably led to Dana White giving him a verbal lashing for such an idiotic comment. It’s safe to say that the UFC probably doesn’t want the negative publicity of that the MLB or WWE gets for steroids, but this news is already finding itself in front of the mainstream on news such as Yahoo!. Have a look at these two videos posted by BJ Penn *after* the story caught fire.

Video #2 after the page jump.

  • treviddick says:

    BJ.. Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    Come on Ken Flo!

  • jason says:

    BJ… You got stomped the **** out! Take it like a man and move on. Stop crying like a little *****! The sad part is; all of the American, GSP/Canada hating fans are going to run with this like there’s validity to it.

    GSP… stop being so PC about this! GSP needs to put out a serious statement demanding proof of these allegations. He also needs to say how crappy of a fighter BJ has become and that he’ll fight him with a rash guard, one arm and a blind fold for good measure.

  • Rocko says:

    BJ BJ BJ. Come on guy. Who cares about this. Don’t even both.

  • Cole says:

    haha oh BJ. Focus on Florian for fuck sakes. GSP fight is over brother.

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