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Alistair Overeem: “If you think Cain hits hard, wait until you see me hit him.”

When Alistair Overeem meets Brock Lesnar tomorrow night in the main event at UFC 141 their match-up will be business, not personal, and they’re both in the “beating people up” industry. Overeem recently opened up about his expectations entering the year-ending spectacular, explaining that he was excited to make his UFC debut on such a grand stage as well as regarding the challenge offered by his apt adversary.

“This is the biggest fight ever and I can only be excited,” said the Dutchman in an interview with the UFC’s website. “Brock is a dream match, I think the fans will agree on that, and I never thought the fight would be possible because I was outside of the UFC, and now that I’m in the UFC, I’m just so excited.”

However, as amped as “The Demolition Man” may be, he knows he has to maintain his composure against someone of Lesnar’s ilk.

“I don’t really have any emotions when I see him,” stated Overeem. “I saw him before the Cain (Velasquez) vs. (Junior) dos Santos fight for the first time, and he seems like an okay guy. I do watch his fights and I think his fights are entertaining. He’s a strong, big guy, a tremendous athlete with excellent wrestling, but there’s no emotional thing there when I look at him.”

On the subject of Velasquez, Overeem also recalled Lesnar’s title-losing tilt against the former champion, saying he expected to see some improvement in Lesnar’s stand-up but dismissed it as making little difference when it came to making a comparison.

“I’m sure he’s gonna work on that because he had a lot of criticism about it, and I’m sure we’re going to see a Brock better equipped to deal with that situation. Then again, there’s a difference, because if you think Cain hits hard, wait until you see me hit him.”

Interested folks can check Lesnar-Overeem on the PPV portion of UFC 141 when things start up tomorrow evening at 10:00 PM EST. Other match-ups on the main card include Jon Fitch vs. Johny Hendricks and Donald Cerrone vs. Nate Diaz.


MMATraining Take: I don’t disagree with the latter part of Overeem’s statements. Velasquez may be a crisp striker but he doesn’t have Overeem’s power. If Lesnar doesn’t get a takedown early it’s going to be a short night for him


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