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Brock Lesnar is Bad for MMA

“Can you see me now? Can you see me now?”

Yes Brock. You are a 280 pound man standing 6 foot 3, 4 or 5 depending on what website we use as a reference. We can see you; in fact it is hard to miss you.

Image of Brock Lesnar, courtesy of

Like many of you I watched UFC 87 Seek and Destroy for many reasons:

  • Confirm my suspicion that GSP is really that good. Check
  • Watch KenFlo technically dismantle Roger Huerta. Check
  • Ensure that Joe Rogan’s face is puffy. Check

The only real question mark I had as I settled in to watch 87 was Brock Lesnar. Heath Herring is experienced, Heath Herring is a professional, and Heath Herring has pulled off some upsets. Well at UFC 87, Heath Herring looked like he was smothered by a whale and he couldn’t find that small window of opportunity that allowed Frank Mir to avoid the same fate.

When necessary, Lesnar showed his explosive speed and power but for the most part his wrestling skills and size were the only requirements. He comfortably pressed his weight and strength against his opponent and all Herring could do was squirm underneath the behemoth. It was a lot like watching an older brother beat on a much younger sibling. Almost uncomfortable.

So what’s not to like about Brock Lesnar? Well, we had a good example of a professional MMA champion in Georges St Pierre on the same card as the Lesnar/Herring bout. After GSP put on a superior technical display as well as overpowering his opponent for all five rounds we watched GSP sincerely congratulate Jon Fitch, politely responded to an overly enthusiastic BJ Penn and then almost apologize to Joe Rogan for attempting to use the microphone when his time was up. How about Lesnar’s post fight celebration after winning his second professional MMA fight (not a title, not an epic battle, his second win out of three matches)? That’s right, he took his 280 pounds and proceeded to hop up and down as though riding a horse while pointing and laughing at his opponent. Lesnar should watch the replay of the pay-per-view event and see true role models for the sport like Kenny Florian and GSP to learn their approach to the fight game as well as how they conduct themselves post fight.

Lesnar has been quoted over the years expressing things as far ranging as his dislike for gay people as well as explaining his decision to leave professional wresting as a time to “nut up”. I don’t know if the the French translation exists but I just can’t picture GSP explaining a victory over BJ Penn as a time to do anything with his nuts.

He is impressive. There is no question if he can continue his MMA education and combine it with his explosive power and tenacity, he will be a force to be reckoned with in the heavyweight division and could one day be the champ.

Lesnar will also draw a crowd and for any sport with the momentum of MMA right now, that is a huge positive. Let’s just hope that when the crowd gathers and he gets that chance to compete for the heavyweight championship, that he has learned why we as fans are passionate about it. Not just the strength and skill of the athletes but also the respect they show each other throughout and post fight.

Yes Brock, we see you now – please don’t show us your nuts.

  • Tomasa Butta says:

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  • Crazy Power says:

    The true beauty of MMA or any athletic endeavor that stands out, is the need of the true practitioner to seek an equal to battle. That is why there is a division of weight class to begin with. But as we have seen in K – 1 and Pride, sometimes we throw weight, because ..maybe we can..
    My true calling is Muay Thai. I practiced Kung fu from age 7 but found a real art with thai boxing. My coach was Kru Reuben Rowell. Extreme power gym in Oceanside. Check out there site. He showed me the way…true respect. no fighting outside the ring, train hard. let it lift you as a person. He is the reason that you guys will see me soon. I fought as a middleweight in muay thai, but youll see me as a lt hvy now in mma. And, i wont act like the Ultimate warrior — win or lose… the man across from me stepped in there. And did so looking for the same thing I am, some one that is an equal, on all levels, including class.

  • Chris Kimmerly says:

    His pointing and laughing was nothing more then the school yard bully after he just took some kids lunch money.

    What comes around goes around. He will get his and I hope its a KO reminisent to Rashad/Salmon.

  • Kevin says:

    That was hardly bad sportsmanship. It was exuberance over his victory. Guys like Lesnar are not going to hurt the sport. And by the same token, good sportsmanship isn’t going to help the sport as much as people would like to think. At the end of the day, it’s still a very violent sport and thats how it will be viewed regardless of the sportsmanship displayed or character of it’s competitors.

  • Brando says:

    Yes, Brock celebrated his victory as he should since he was starting to be all hype. I understand that you don’t like how he showed his excitment, but if you look at other fighters, even some that you mention they all do the same thing. Some fights make the throat slitting motion, some lick the blood of their gloves, some do back flips. These are all the same expression that Brock did. In my option they were directed to his opponent and that was not needed, but you do have to add that he is what the heavy weight division needs, as there is no excitement there. Bad press is good press and if Brock turns out to be everyone’s bad guy then that is only better for both him and the UFC.

  • Nic B. says:

    Yes, Lesner is arrogant, but it will be all the sweeter to watch him get KTFO’d when it does happen. Of course, with the (lack of) talent in the UFC, who knows when that will happen.

  • aswimmer says:

    Everyone needs to realize there’s only 1 GSP and that’s why he’ll go down as one of the greatest MMA fighters of all time. In Lesnars case; becuase of his after bout antics people may hate him and in all honesty he’s earned the right to do just that. He’s trained his butt off and won against a tough opponent. If you hate Brock because of it, you have that right as well. Brock may not have class but this is MMA fighting! Not golf! Brock…do what you feel man! You’ve earned it! I may not like you for that but I’ll tell you what, I’ll be watching your next fight with eager eyes to see if you get beat and someone does the same thing to you and they also will have earned that right!

  • Brock is not bad for MMA. Already you are talking about Brock MORE than any other fighter from the show.

    Brock puts butts in the seats and will be putting fighters on the ground.

    Bad for MMA? Not a chance. His drawing power could actually help fighters make more money.

    This is just snarky, internet criticism from a nerd.

  • Derek Greser says:

    Penn licks Sherk’s blood.

    Randy Spanks Tito.


  • I don’t see what the big deal is. Rubbing it in has always been in the UFC way before Lesnar, so this hardly qualifies as newsworthy. If anything, people should be more concerned as to who Lesnar will fight next. And Sammy, it is replies like yours that give forums and such a bad name. That’s why they invented freedom of speech.

  • Sammy says:

    This website is a joke, by the way.

  • Sammy says:

    Who lets these idiots write their opinion. Idiots like you are what’s bad for mma.

  • steve says:

    wow lesnar should learn a thing or two from GSP about class. The man does backflips and break dances after he wins. I think that lesnars was on a bit of a high after his fight, he did dominate but the fight did still go to a decision. I think that his showboating would have made more sense if he would have knocked out Herring or submitted him since it lesnar always had his back

  • travis says:

    man SHUT THE F*CK UP!!what about ortiz??? what about LITERALLY every fighter who ever talked trash?? What about when ufc’s precious Matt Hughes laughed his ass off when gsp lost??? thats the problem wit IDIOTS like this writer..EVREYONE TALKS TRASH..if brock laughed his ass off, SO F*CKEN WHAT??? youre NOTHING MORE than a damn hater your RESEARCH you misinformed jackass..everyone either laughs and celebrates etc..didnt heath talk some trash BEFORE the fight??and dont reponse with “oh well it wasnt as bad as brock laughing” you coward..keep hating my man brocks on his way up and haters like u will have no choice but too write more articles about him..

  • Blair says:

    i agree with douchbaggery heath said a lot of shit like him not being worthy, hes fought bigger and stronger wrestlers, not his first rodeo, its stuff to build up the fight. lesnar seem classy and respectful before herrings actions,

  • Blair says:

    I agree that laughing was a little disrespectful, but he shook hands and gave heath a hug, he respects heath and is a true mma fighter. the bull riding was like tito digging grave, gsp backflipping, bj licking the glove, wanderlei’s staredown, etc. Overall hes a big fan magnet and hopefully keeps on winning and one day becomes the UFC champion:)

  • Douchebaggery says:

    Lesnar explained that the reason why Brock acted like that was because, right before the fight, Herring and his camp were saying that Lesnar wasn’t a worthy opponent.

  • Mr. Hillgrove says:

    Sounds to me like someone has sand in their vagina…

    It’s pretty sad that the worst crime in the world today is offending another person. If I want to call someone a faggot, it’s my right to do so. If you don’t like it, then don’t be gay.

    Same with Lesnar, if he wants to jump up and down and laugh at Herring, so what. There is a thing called Karma, and it tends to it’s own.

    To use the words of Lesnar, the whole world needs to “nut up” and quit being a bunch of pussies!

  • Ish says:

    all of you need to get of your moral high horses

    Lesnar is classless, but when BJ penn licks the blood of his opponents it’s considered “cool” and “classy”

    or maybe you’re all upset, because a “wwE guize 1 da phyte”

  • Dicky Do says:

    Brock needs to learn a thing or two from GSP.

    The sport is trying to grow and doesn’t need this type of non-sportsmanship to bring it down.


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