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Carlos Condit: “It’s a different when it’s a shin across your face.”

Things have started to heat up between welterweights Carlos Condit and Nick Diaz as the date of their headlining bout at UFC 143 grows ever closer. Now, with less than two weeks remaining before the two talented scrappers mix it up in the main event, an extended preview has been released for the bout where both men sound off on which areas the other is superior to the other in.

And, according to Condit, it’s all of them.

“I feel like I’m a more technical fighter than Diaz,” Condit boldy revealed in an extended preview for the February 4 fight. “I have more weapons in my arsenal. I just bring some different stuff to the table.”

“He can take a good shot but can he take knees? Is he going to be able to take elbows? It’s a different when it’s a shin across your face,” he concluded.

Check out Diaz’s reply in the video below:


MMATraining Take: I can hardly wit to see these two go to war! I wouldn’t say Condit is the more precise puncher but he has more power and possesses a better arsenal of strikes to work with.


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