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Cesar Gracie: “It takes two to make a dogfight.”

In a series of videos previewing last weekend’s UFC 143 headliner between Nick Diaz and Carlos Condit it seemed clear both men were out for blood in their bout with “The Natural Born Killer” labeling the match-up as likely turning into a “dogfight”. However, when the smoke cleared it was Condit who emerged with a closely contested decision victory after employing a cautious counter-attack rather than being baited into any significant exchanges with a more-than-willing Diaz.

Only a few days removed from the disappointing duel, Diaz’s manager/trainer Cesar Gracie has come forward to express his disgust in what he witnessed on Saturday night, pointing fingers as the way Condit’s camp operates and what he feels may be bias from judges in general based on Diaz’s gruff demeanor.

“I don’t know what the judges were looking at. They’ve never liked Nick in Vegas,” Gracie explained on today’s episode of The MMA Hour. “They’ve never voted for him in a decision. The only one was the B.J. Penn fight, and he almost had to kill B.J. to get that one. I don’t think they like his attitude, a guy that’s going to go out there and talk. I think they think he’s disrespectful. They’re going to find a reason to judge against him. I don’t think he can get fair judging in that State at all.”

As far as the fight, while Gracie was complimentary of Condit as a person, he was far more critical of his approach to the fight or that of Greg Jackson’s gym in general.

“Carlos was running at one point, and Nick slapped him in the face said, ‘Quit running.’ We were there for a dogfight. Carlos said he’d provide for the fans a dogfight, a great fight where they were going to go at it. That was not a dogfight. It takes two to make a dogfight. One guy running away is not a dogfight,” said Gracie. “It’s one thing to avoid standing in the pocket, it’s one thing to know how to dodge punches and kicks, and be somewhat elusive and have great defense,” he said. “It’s another thing to turn your back and run from a fighter. That’s completely different. You shouldn’t be telling your fighter to fight like that. I think it’s a disgrace and a shame. I’ve said this before: I don’t like that camp. I’m not going to take that back.”

Diaz himself has not made any official comments since announcing he was done with MMA after the judging in his fight with Condit. Gracie said he had not talked to his star pupil in depth yet about what their next move would be.


MMATraining Take: Even if Gracie is biased in the matter I still think he deserves to be applauded for sticking up for his fighter and calling it like he sees it. However, as shameful as he feels Condit’s strategy was, there’s nothing that says a person has to fight any differently so you can only fault Jackson’s group so much in that regard.


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