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Chael Sonnen: “I am the true middleweight champion.”

In the opinions of most a champion is the man who holds the big, shiny beltbuckle. Then again, Chael Sonnen has never been known for being anything other than unique.

Sonnen discussed the UFC’s middleweight title, as well as his career-altering challenge to Anderson Silva after beating Brian Stann last night at UFC 136, in a post-event press conference where he made it clear he believes the strap around the Brazilian’s waist is worthless.

“I am the middleweight champion, I defended my championship tonight for the first time, and I am willing to give Anderson a shot at the true belt – the linear belt, the peoples’ belt – from the best damn middleweight there’s ever been,” Sonnen stated when asked about his anticipated rematch with “The Spider”.

The opportunity Sonnen is offering to Silva could also come with an interesting stipulation the 34-year old grappler asked for in a victory speech shortly after submitting Stann in the second round of their main card clash. Essentially, if Sonnen loses he is willing to leave the UFC so long as in return, if he wins instead, Silva is open to making a permanent move to light heavyweight.

“It was spur of the moment,” Sonnen explained of his entertaining proposal. “I saw him sitting in the crowd. We’ve got unfinished business and they’re talking about somebody else coming in there. This is (about) me and him, and frankly it’s me then him. In some parallel universe you can hit a man 300 times, he wraps his leg around your head for eight seconds and they call him the winner. On the streets of West Linn, Oregon (those are) not the rules.”

However, though Sonnen may playfully refer to himself as being champ, he made it clear he still wants what Silva has.

“I’ve got plenty of money. I’ve got plenty of fame. I’m after twelve pounds of gold and as far I’m concerned that belt is worth nothing more than a piece of tin when it’s around his waist. I am the true middleweight champion.”



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