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Chael Sonnen disses Anderson Silva in rap-form during UFC 145 Q&A

The ever-entertaining Chael Sonnen took to the stage earlier today in Atlanta to answer questions from fans as part of a Q&A attached to the festivities for UFC 145. As expected, Sonnen kept the audience smiling from start to finish, addressing a number of topics and even busting out his lyrical skills for a few ditties at the expense of rival Anderson Silva.

“Anderson Anderson, little miss Anderson, I’d call you a girl but you’re not, you’re a mannequin. Anderson Anderson, little miss Anderson, I am Chael Sonnen and I am the people’s champion. Look, you’re a wuss, there’s no way to put it lightly. You ducked me for years and now Dana’s making you fight me,” rapped Sonnen to the raucous approval of fans in attendance.

Check out the full Q&A below (with things kicking in about fifteen minutes in):


MMATraining Take: Sonnen may be cartoonish at times but he’s definitely one of the most entertaining guys in the business (who can fortunately back it up with a good deal of ability in the cage). The UFC could definitely use more guys like that, as could MMA in general.


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