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Chael Sonnen says he’s out to pick a fight with Anderson Silva

UFC middleweight Chael Sonnen may be viewed as one of the biggest showman in MMA based on his professional wrestling style promos, but ask the 35-year old Oregonian for the root of his rants and he’ll give you a very clear answer – he’s out for a good ol’ fashioned fight with Anderson Silva.

Sonnen explained his viewpoint in a recent interview where he was unapologetic for his behavior even if it had inspired Silva to lash out verbally in a way he never has before.

“I kind of expected it,” said Sonnen to the Los Angeles Times. “You idiot, Anderson, we signed up for a fistfight. I’ve been looking for this fight for two years, so that kind of stuff doesn’t work with me. Him talking like that? He’s singing my song.”

“I’m out picking a fight. I’m not offering any apology to anyone for that,” Sonnen concluded.

Silva and Sonnen will meet on Saturday night in the main event at UFC 148. The two faced off before in 2010 with Sonnen almost coming away with Silva’s championship but ultimately falling short in the final few minutes.


MMATraining Take: There are two sayings Sonnen’s comments make me think of – “Ask and ye shall receive” and “Be careful what you ask for.” Sonnen’s got himself a fight, and though it’s possible a motivated Silva will be a bad thing I have a feeling it will result in Sonnen getting smashed.


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