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Cote Would Have Won Over The Spider

Ok, now that I have your attention let’s debate Cote vs. Silva going the distance.

I have heard all of speculation that what we witnessed last night was Anderson Silva jogging on the treadmill at a “5” instead of a “10” and simply don’t buy it. Silva is a professional that has worked his entire life to be at the pinnacle of his sport and had everything to lose last night with little to gain – he is too smart to mail in any of his fights and risk an upset.

First the obvious – Saturday’s fight ended in disappointment for the fans, Silva and Cote. Sitting with my ticket stub in one hand and my fourth Red Bull in the other, I was immediately deflated and slumped in my seat watching Cote fall to the matt. I think I felt the caffeine actually drain from my system right at that moment.

Image of Patrick Cote and Anderson Silva, courtesy of


Like most I am an Anderson Silva fan. How can you not be an Anderson Silva fan? Exceptionally talented, respectful of the sport and his fans and simply a “manchine” in the octagon. That being said I found myself quietly cheering for the upset. Come on Cote, shock us all. And with each devastating blow to the head that he endured and with those baseball bat like kicks to the shins that backed him up but did not put him out, the impossible seemed at least better than the 7 – 1 line against Cote.

We didn’t get a chance to see how this one would have played out and pending the severity of the injury to Cote it is quite possible that it will be a long time or even never that we get to see a rematch but allow me to go way out on a limb and make a bold prediction – Cote was gaining momentum and could very well have pulled off the upset.

Here now are the top three reasons Patrick Cote would have won over the Spider:

1. Silva was getting comfortable – too comfortable. That is not to say he was taking the night off, he was just getting overly confident that his skills were far more superior than Cote’s arsenal, while at the same time Cote was starting to hear his corner’s (mainly Mark DellaGrotte) chants to believe in himself, believe he could do it. His confidence was growing that he could stand there in the octagon with arguably the best on the planet, and throw bombs.

2. He’s Canadian. It’s generally cold in Canada. To stay warm Canadians like to drink beer and fight. Don’t ever count a Canadian out of any match, they won’t quit and they don’t like to lose.

3. One of those heavy hands was going to connect eventually. Silva was in unchartered territory for him in the UFC – beyond round two. Cote had the chin to stay in there with him and with ample time in a title fight, one of those overhand rights was going to catch Silva and force him to show he is not only talented but also durable.

Silva will continue to lay down his opponents in the UFC and let’s hope for a speedy recovery for Patrick Cote because no matter how the fight left you feeling – Patrick Cote gained a lot of fans last night and proved the odds makers wrong.

Speedy recovery Patrick – let’s pick things up at the start of round three.

  • John says:

    This has to be the dumbest article I have ever read. I think I may have lost 30 IQ points after reading this.

  • Air Guitar says:

    It’s all too bad because I felt Cote was almost at the point of confusing Silva with the old “My nose, your nose… who’s nose?” trick.

    That would have left Silva open to one of Cote’s devastating hooks for sure.

  • Heavy G says:

    I was cheering for Cote as well. I naturally seem to support the underdog. However, you’ve clearly been smoking more crack than my plumber shows during a long day’s work! Silva was in complete control at all times.

  • Yes, you’ve taken it way too far.

  • 2wheeler says:

    Watching the two opponents come out at the start of the third round I definetly got the feeling that the fight was going to come to a head. You could tell both fighters were getting ready to engage. I’d change the title to “could have won” instead of “would have won”. I was cheering for the underdog, and he certainly had a punchers chance. Unfortunately we didn’t get a chance to see the outcome.

  • I actually had Cote ahead. He took the second round and the first was a 10-10 round.

  • I actually had Cote ahead. He took the second round and the first was a 10-10 round.

  • Donaldu says:

    come on guys, cant you see he is being ironic? canadians live in a cold country so they drink beer and fight, therefore he would have won? LOL its funny

  • Matu says:

    You make some valid points that have been left out of much of the discussion following this fight.

    To conclude that Cote would have won the fight, however, is taking it too far.

  • Fred says:


    Rich, Nate don’t have more power than Cote. Hendo probably yes.

    Your argument is decent, but you shoot yourself in the foot when you say that.

    Combine that with your awful spelling you come out looking foolish.

  • Ernie says:

    this is funny… cote landed maybe 2 punches, while silva executed marvelous elusiveness, being ninja-like on his feet, dancing coming in and out, while dropping bombs on cote whenever he wanted.

    you state him being canadian as a reason for being tough? lol, thats the most absurd statement ive ever heard..

    Brazilians fight in the streets when their children. they fight to survive.

    if you think silva is “weary” of cote’s power, your sadly mistaken, hes been in the ring with henderson, marquadt, franklin, all of which, are better skilled, and have far more power than cote.

    all in all, silva was unchallenged, and it was obvious that cote could offer nothing in terms of standup for him.

    when silva had him down, he could of chose to GnP the shit out of cote. Cote doesnt have good JJ defense, while silva has pounded out henderson, marquadt, and lutter all while on the ground.

    Good try, buddy..

    but your opinion is as sad as your article.


    PS. how the heck was cote gaining momentum? when the 3rd opened, silva came out takin it to cote, dropping bombs and combos on him…baffles me how you would think that.

  • Rick Cornish says:

    Anderson Silva is not the best pound for pound fighter.

    He’s in a crappy division and he beat James Irvin who was on pain killers and could barely train for the fight.

    It’s just a big myth that Dana dreamt up one night.

    Cote would have given him a good go in the later rounds for sure.

  • mcmuffin says:

    I have to agree with you. In the opening exchange of the first round Cote caught silva a couple of times and Silva backed off. Cote made anderson respect his power. Cote also showed brilliant cage controll even shooting in for the takedown on anderson while he was in his corner (anderson reversed the takedown but still credit for Cote for being positionally aware) Cote was also chasing Anderson and using his own footwork to counter every angle Anderson tried to take which resulted in a confused and frustrated looking anderson who was losing the chess match.

    Cote was taking everything Anderson had and was not phased that has a devastating effect on any striker when your oppenant shows no respect toward your own punching power.

    Cote was finding Andersons timing and range towards the end of the second and was starting to catch Andersons kicks. Lets face it anderson has lightning fast kicks and Cote was catching them.

    Going into the third Cote had found his range and timing to start countering silva and he was brimming with confidence. I really have to agree with you that the upset was in the making. Wether he would have finished silva or if silva would make the proper adjustments has yet to be seen but either way that third round and onward would have been fireworks.

  • Desi says:

    Negative my friend. How Could you write an article about how you “believe” that cote would have won just to get views when you know very well that he stood no chance. Study both fighters in depth, watch all of their fights and then look at the fluidity of both of them in the ring when they faced each other and youll quickly see that cote wasnt even in the same area as silva. cote looked like a novice in the ring while silva looked as if he was tryin to stay entertained while doing nothin just so that the fight could last long enough for the crowd to have a good show. If his knee wouldnt have blown out in the 3rd then im sure silva would have ended it in the 4th or the 5th with a bang.

  • Ricardo says:

    I really could not see anyway Cote could win. He got abused and was being dissected by Silva from the first round. True Cote is durable but the longer the fight went on the more tired and hurt Cote would feel from those leg kicks. this fight was very much like the Siva vs Lee Murray fight. Silva had to be weary of Cotes big punch but at the same time was in complete control and would eventually win a one sided unanimous decision.

  • Jeremy says:

    I have to completely disagree….being Canadian is not a reason that he can beat Silva.

    He never showed ANY evidence that he had the tools to beat Silva. He landed absolutely nothing the entire fight. 95% of fights I have seen in the UFC have been closer than this one.


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