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Dan Henderson: “I see myself fighting another couple years at least.”

In a few months legendary light heavyweight Dan Henderson will turn 42. However, the former PRIDE champion has shown no signs of slowing down with wins in his last four fights including success against Fedor Emelianenko and most recently Mauricio Rua.

According to “Hendo”, he actually feels so good at the moment he isn’t necessarily looking to retire anytime soon meaning fans should be treated to his patented H-Bomb for the foreseeable future.

“I see myself fighting another couple years at least. Right now I am taking it year by year, not necessarily fight by fight,” said Henderson in an interview with Fightlinker. “I do feel as though I have a few good years left in me and I love to compete. I am training a lot smarter than I used to – I don’t beat my body up as bad as I used to. I make sure my conditioning is a priority. I had a really good last year, but there’s nothing I can really contribute my success to. Things are better in my life, I made some personal changes and things have just fallen into place.”

Henderson holds an overall record of 29-8 including wins against some of MMA’s best including Wanderlei Silva, Rich Franklin, and Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira. His next fight will involve a title-shot against 205-pound king Jon Jones though no official date has been determined for their dance. Fortunately, based on Henderson’s statements, it’s clear he’s in no rush to rumble as long as the bout materializes.


MMATraining Take: It’s good to hear Henderson is sticking around but to be honest a few factors need to be considered. First, he’s admitted using TRT so his longevity is in a way a product of medicine rather than fully natural. Secondly, as soon as his typically iron chin goes his career is in trouble and there’s no way to know when it will fail him.


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