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Dana White reacts to Alistair Overeem’s failed drug test

The outpouring of opinion on Alistair Overeem has been non-stop since word surfaced yesterday that the UFC contender had tested positive for an extremely elevated level of testosterone in his system. One of the people with something to say about the matter was Dana White and, as fans might expect, the UFC President pulled no punches in his assessment of the situation.

“I am beyond pissed about this. The worst part is that he sat in front of us and lied to us,” said White when asked about the topic while on a conference call with media.

“How f*cking stupid do you have to be? Seriously dumb. Anybody who’s using right now is an absolute f*cking moron. It’s beyond, what’s the word I’m looking for, it’s beyond belief. It’s beyond comprehension. You’re an absolute moron, a brain dead absolute f*cking dummy. It goes beyond a guy having any common sense whatsoever,” the outraged executive continued, implying later that Overeem’s future with the UFC was far from secure.

Overeem was scheduled to face Junior dos Santos for the heavyweight title on May 26 at UFC 146. With more than twice the allowed limit of testosterone showing up on a random drug test he was subjected to last month it is unlikely he will be licensed to fight, though a sliver of hope remains if his “B” sample somehow shows up clean.


MMATraining Take: First, thanks to The Star Phoenix for transcribing the audio into text for those not fortunate enough to hear White’s rant live. Secondly, did he really expect Overeem to admit his drug use instead of signing a lucrative deal with the UFC? Of course Overeem lied. Finally, yes, Overeem is an “absolute moron” for coming in dirty based on the numerous signs that he’d be tested for drugs during a recent visit to Vegas.


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