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Dana White to “heavily persuade” Frankie Edgar to make move to featherweight

Despite the urging of fans, media members, and UFC President Dana White, former lightweight champion Frankie Edgar has made it crystal clear he has no interest in dropping down to featherweight even if his physical dimensions are better suited for the division. However, White hasn’t given up hope yet and plans to stay in Edgar’s ear regarding a potential change.

The outspoken executive discussed Edgar in a recent interview where he offered up his rationale behind pushing “The Answer” in a certain direction, showing concern for the 30-year old’s health as well as acknowledging every athlete can only compete at a high level for so long.

“This guy belongs at 145 pounds,” said White to MMAJunkie. “When you’re a professional fighter, you have a small window of opportunity as it is to compete and be a professional athlete. There’s only so many wars you have in you. You can’t have this long, amazing career fighting wars all the time. I don’t know. This whole thing’s a nightmare, and we’ll see what happens.”

“Here’s the thing…I really care about this kid,” White continued. “I like him a lot (but) there (are) only so many wars you can have in your career, and I hate –- hate, hate, hate –- guys fighting out of their weightclass. He did it because he had to do it because there was no other weightclass, and you can’t deny a guy a way to make a living. But I would love to see him at 145. I can’t tell him where to go, but I can f*cking heavily persuade him.”

While White didn’t elaborate on what persuasion techniques he’d employ, it’s believed Edgar would receive an immediate shot at featherweight title-holder Jose Aldo. Still, no matter what others may wish for, the decision ultimately boils down to what Edgar wants to do and, based on recent statements the New Jersey native has made, his desire lies in a rematch with Benson Henderson based on how close their fight last weekend was.


MMATraining Take: This is definitely a sticky situation since Edgar seems adamant in his desire to remain at 155 pounds. Hopefully both sides will be able to work the issue out and find a happy medium. Perhaps the UFC might consider having Edgar fight Henderson again with an agreement stating he’ll drop down to featherweight win or lose?


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