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Donald Cerrone: “Hell or high water, I’ll be there to fight Nate and at the end of the night I’m gonna have my hand raised.”

Typically fireworks in late December are reserved for New Year’s Eve but in the case of the UFC 141: Lesnar vs. Overeem clash between lightweights Donald Cerrone and Nate Diaz it seems the pyrotechnics will be taking place a day early. In addition to being supremely talented the two outspoken 155ers also share a genuine fighter’s spirit, having no problem turning things into a brawl rather than display of technical wizardry, as well as a past run-in that left Cerrone with some ill will towards the Cesar Gracie student.

Cerrone spoke some about both his respect and disdain in relation to Diaz on the UFC 141 Countdown special where he started off by saying, “”He’s got good stand up. When the fight goes to the ground, his jiu-jitsu is very good. All that aside, motherf**er is game.”

“Right now if I bumped into him in the parking lot and said ‘What’s up,’ we’re throwing down and, to me, I like that mentality. You can’t teach that,” Cerrone continued.

However, Cerrone’s appreciation for Diaz’s willingness to go to war comes from approaching life the same way himself.

“I’m just as game as you are, you don’t have to be from Stockton to be tough,” says Cowboy. “Come fight night, let’s go motherf***er, I don’t care where it goes. But, you wanna talk sh*t to me, you’re just gonna enrage me and piss me off, and make me a better a fighter. So feed my f***in’ flame, that’s how I say. Let’s go. Hell or high water, I’ll be there to fight Nate and at the end of the night I’m gonna have my hand raised, I can tell you that.”

Cerrone’s clash with Diaz is the co-headliner at UFC 141 with Brock Lesnar battling Alistair Overeem in the main event. Other bouts include Alexander Gustafsson vs. Vladimir Matyushenko and Jon Fitch vs. Johny Hendricks.


MMATraining Take: I can hardly wait to see these two throw down. Anything other than an all-out scrap would be disappointing. They’re two of the toughest kids on the block and one of them is going to fold come fight night. Tis truly a great note to end the year on!


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