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Jon Jones: “I have no sympathy for Rashad whatsoever.”

It’s impossible to know how Jon Jones and Rashad Evans will treat each other after they meet inside the Octagon this Saturday night, but during the final build towards UFC 145 you can bet your last dollar their behavior will be anything but cordial. The rivalry between light heavyweight champion Jones and former teammate Evans has been brewing for a year and nearly boiled over on a recent episode of Ultimate Insider when the two came face-to-face during an interview.

There were a number of heated moments as each was asked for his perspective of the issues leading up to this weekend’s headlining tilt including one where Jones offered up a scathing take on the type of person Evans truly is.

“I have no sympathy for Rashad whatsoever. I remember (him) leaving Greg Jackson’s and saying, ‘I needed a team that can just focus on me. I need something more based around me,’ and now (he) created the Blackzillians. I say it all the time – there’s no ‘I’ in team, there’s no ‘I’ in Jackson’s, there’s an ‘I’ in Blackzillians,” Jones passionately replied when asked if he regretted the way things had unfolded between the two. “I really look at (him) as fake…arrogant…selfish…self-centered…and I think (his) biggest thing is to try to reflect it off on me and make me seem like I’m everything (he) is feeling inside of (his) heart.”

Evans has made similar statements about Jones in terms of his cockiness.

Check out the complete interview below to see how bad the blood between Evans-Jones truly is:


MMATraining Take: I absolutely love Ultimate Insider and this segment was just another reason why. It was fascinating to watch Evans-Jones feed off each other. Truly, Saturday cannot get here fast enough!


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