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Kimbo vs. Shamrock – Why EliteXC is Brilliant

It was rumored and then confirmed earlier this week. Kimbo Slice’s next opponent will be UFC Hall of Famer Ken Shamrock on the October 4th event on CBS.

This is network strategy at its best. Remember all the concern about the drop off in ratings after the initial EliteXC broadcast? This is CBS fighting back, potentially at the expense of the long term viability of EliteXC as a respected MMA organization, but you can bet ratings will be on the incline again and that will keep MMA on primetime CBS.

Image of Elite XC logo


How do I know that the show will be a ratings success? Easy – how many emails, texts or phone calls did you receive when it was announced? If you are an average MMA fan you were contacted at least once about the announcement. Whether it made you laugh, scratch your head or actually consider the outcome of the bout it had your attention and there is a good chance you will tune in when they step into the ring just for the entertainment value.

Image of Kimbo Slice There are several outcomes for this fight and while EliteXC will enjoy the short term spotlight as a result of the unique matchup, I do not believe all of these are good results for them:

  • Kimbo demolishes a well past his prime Ken Shamrock. This is the early odds makers bet and on initial review is a fair argument. Ken hasn’t looked good in some time and Kimbo is just too much human to handle. The fight doesn’t last long and the average viewer gets what they expected – a one sided affair against the once great athlete.

  • Kimbo wins a split decision or it is an otherwise close fight. It is possible that Kimbo comes in with another lackluster performance and leaves question marks again about his skills as an MMA fighter vs. simply one tough dude.

  • Ken wins. Yes, this is a possibility that can’t be entirely ruled out. Sure he was brought in as the name that will bring a crowd to Kimbo-fest but he is member of the UFC Hall of Fame. Give him some credit. If Ken pulls off the upset, Kimbo won’t be the only one disappointed as EliteXC would have nowhere to go next. Ken Shamrock vs. Royce Gracie anyone?
  • Kudos to EliteXC for giving us all something to talk about at least for a night and a reason to watch their third cable TV installment.

    Sorry Brett Rogers, the ratings machine is not yet on your side

  • yo ppl i cannot wait 4 the expendables the movie to come out! Its gonna be awsum!

  • matt says:

    r u serious kimbo has never fought no 1 even shamrock kimbo could not fight inthe ufc or pride he is not that good he got lucky vs tank abbot and colosus and colosus had that fight if it wasnt for his bottle cap ear kimbo will fade away in the prime events dont get me wrong hes good but what would he have been 10 years ago

  • Andrew says:

    Kimbo is not a MMA fighter in my opinion and Shamrock…”was” once a good fighter. Sure it will be interesting but thats about it.

    Until then,
    Fight on live healthy.

  • Swimma says:

    Did this clown patrickgamil say that kimbo has no knockout power? ur a fool…kimbo will win…and u will soon see him in the ufc….mark these words down…they are the gospel

  • sean carelton says:

    People who would probably own Kimbo – include Couture, Nogiuera, Lesnar, Fedor, Mir, Arlovski, Tim Sylvia, Josh Barnett, Gabriel Gonzaga and possibly Heath Herring.

    I won’t count out Shamrock but it seems like a suicide mission for a past his prime fighter to face a big brawler like Kimbo.

  • Daniel says:

    Dude shamrock is a damn fossil and kimbo isnt fighting this generation of good fighters… If he wants to prove himself, hes gotta fights fresh good fighters

  • Jazz says:

    boys this fight is going to a all out war ! Kimbo is just starting his career and is all fired up and ready to kill, have you seen this guy train and fight. Hes not just any street fighter anymore he is a well trained MMA fighterk yes not that much experience but he is determined! Ken is very experienced and if this fight goes to the ground he does have a chance I just think kimbo’s youth in the sport is going to give him the edge along with his hard hitting power !

  • god says:

    elitexc will just keep feeding kimbo crapy fighters. dana white said it best. urijah faber could beat kimbo. kimbo wouldnt even make it into a qualifying round for the ultimate fighter. he’s a joke. never will be good. all he’s doing is getting breast fed and everyone’s giving him the attention he cries for.

  • god says:

    elitexc will just keep feeding kimbo crapy fighters. dana white said it best. urijah faber could beat kimbo. kimbo wouldnt even make it into a qualifying round for the ultimate fighter. he’s a joke. never will be good. all he’s doing is getting breast fed and everyone’s giving him the attention he cries for.

  • TJF says:

    tito vs slice would be awful! Kimbo would be hospitalized.

  • TJF says:

    Kimbo is in his 30s… will he ever have a prime?? Is this his prime? Ken is in his 40s, way, way past his prime. I think Ken will win. Ken vs. Kimbo in his prime? Slice would never accept the fight. Problem with MMA fans is that they are mostly young and have not seen a 1990s Ken Shamrock….

  • kebler says:

    u guys talk all that shit but watch when kimbo woops the shit out of shamrock worse then tito did then u people will give him the credit that is due to him

  • Kimbo is a joke. His so called “street cred” is a joke as well. So the guy has a bunch of videos of him beating up bums, has-beens, kids and never will-be’s. He is a big guy, in good shape and 2-3 years worth of training and he’ll be a good MMA fighter. Now all he is, is a Chihuahua, all bark and no bite. He hasn’t fought anyone yet. The closest he’s come to legitimate was James Thompson, and calling Thompson mediocre is being kind. Ken in his prime would have decimated “Chemo Sh!tslice”

  • patrickgamil says:

    and that last loss for shamrock was against a good fighhter , who had good fgorm and an accurate hard punch that landed…..
    no shame in that..

    after shamrock beatas kimbo maybe we’ll see a bas vs ken rematch. I’d totally watch that — I THINK THAT’s THE PLAN ANYWAY

  • patrickgamil says:

    shamrock should kick kimbo a lot buckle him there and it’ll be the beginning of the end. besides kimbo won’t wanna catch a leg and get the takedown.

    i don’t think he has 1 punch KO power either – he seems bulky and a little slow.

    if kimbo got a good punch inj he wont know how to finish

    just hope shammy trains like a m**th f++ka

  • rbang says:

    kimbo had all he could handle in James Thompson. A mediocre fighter at best. This a step down in competition. Physically Shamock is at a disadvantage. He needs to catch Kimbo with a submission in transition. Much like Mirs submission of Lesnar. Kimbo will definitely train hard on his takedown defense, or so he should. I say Kimbo cathces him with a big shot ending it early.

  • Elite 1 says:

    kimbo is the man. no doubt about it. ken is toast! cant wait till kimbo gets a crack at these so called top mma fighters. if anything stops kimbo it wll be his age. if he had started earlier, he would already be the champ of the cage rather than king of the streets. much luv and props to kimbo, you haters make me sick

  • big nate says:

    i hope mr. shamrock knocks that stupid beard of that jackass kimbo slice

  • wow says:

    So stupid. Kimbo is no MMA fighter and Ken has passed his prime years ago. I would not be surprised if Ken is gonna be paid to throw the fight.

  • Jefferson says:

    I think this is a very smart move for EliteXC.

    They need Kimbo to beat on some old guy who used to be pretty awesome.

  • Ron says:

    Gracie vs. Shamrock.

    That’s almost where this is going.

    Is the ‘casual MMA’ that dumb?

    Sometimes I wonder.


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