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Matt Lindland expects Anderson Silva to “weasel out” of rematch with Chael Sonnen

Add respected middleweight Matt Lindland to the growing contingent of people who feel UFC 185-pound champion Anderson Silva will be doing his best to avoid a rematch with Chael Sonnen if at all possible.

Though UFC President Dana White mentioned the obvious need to have Silva and Sonnen meet again after the outspoken grappler found himself tapping out in the contest’s closing minutes after dominating the bulk of their 2010 bout.

Lindland, who is in full disclosure a teammate of Sonnen’s, explained his reasoning in a recent conversation with MMAHQ where he pointed to statements from Silva’s management as indicating the Brazilian’s level of interest in taking the fight.

“Anderson will to find a way to weasel out of that fight. I don’t know what his contractual obligations are as far as who he has to fight as a champion but they’re already laying the ground work,” the 22-9 Strikeforce/UFC veteran stated. “His manager Ed Soares is already making excuses (him) to not take that fight so yeah I think they’re going to try to weasel out of it. I don’t know what his obligations are contractually to the UFC but his obligations to the fans are that he needs to take that fight. “

Specifically, Soares stated he felt Sonnen had his shot and blew it while mentioning his client’s days in MMA are numbered based on age.

“Every one of the fans know that Chael’s the number one contender and the guy that has a chance of beating him, can beat him, and exposed his weaknesses in (the first) fight. The fans want to see that fight and Anderson owes the fans that fight,” Lindland concluded.

Lindland’s best days are behind him but during his prime the 41-year old former Olympic Silver Medalist picked up a number of impressive wins including victories over Jeremy Horn, Carlos Newton, Ricardo Almeida, Phil Baroni, and Pat Miletich.

MMATraining Take: Obviously Lindland is biased but he is correct in the sense that Silva NEEDS to fight Sonnen again to eliminate the lingering doubt. Yes, he choked him out, but up until that point he was dominated. With only 4-5 fights left in his career one of them absolutely needs to be against Sonnen.

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