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Michael Bisping: “I see a very bright future for Chael Sonnen as a used car salesman very soon.”

If asked to break down the danger Chael Sonnen poses in the Octagon most people would point out his takedowns and ability to control foes while on top. However, his opponent this weekend at UFC on FOX 2 has only one concern and it’s unrelated to anything in Sonnen’s skill-set.

Michael Bisping offered an assessment on his adversary’s abilities in a recent interview with the UFC’s website where he credited Sonnen with little more than a knack for outpointing his opponents.

“There’s no doubt about it, he’s a tough opponent, has great wrestling, and he’s a grinder. But he’s got no submission defense, and Chael Sonnen’s best weapon is his mouth, and that’s something that’s going to be absolutely useless in this fight,” explained Bisping before joking, “I see a very bright future for Chael Sonnen as a used car salesman very soon.”

That’s not to say Bisping has turned a blind eye towards the possibility of coming up short against Sonnen this Saturday night. It simply doesn’t concern him based on the stakes as well as his confidence in handling Sonnen’s attack.

“Obviously there’s always a risk,” began Bisping on the subject of losing. “But if I’m gonna go out and be champion, I need to be able to beat these guys. If I can’t beat them, sitting on the sideline and twiddling my thumbs certainly isn’t gonna help me beat them. This is what I do, and let’s see what happens. If I beat him, great; if I don’t, then I don’t deserve the title shot, simple as that.”

Sonnen-Bisping will serve as a co-headliner on the FOX broadcast with the main card’s initial action kicking off at 8:00 PM EST.


MMATraining Take: Quotes like this remind me of how glorious a full build between Bisping/Sonnen could have been rather than a ten-day cram session of smack-talk. As far as the Brit’s comments I don’t necessarily disagree although I’d argue Sonnen’s overwhelming ability to wear opponents down is a better weapon than his ability to cut a promo.

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