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Miesha Tate: “I really want to hurt (Ronda Rousey).”

Strikeforce bantamweight champ Miesha Tate sat by in relative silence over the past few months while Ronda Rousey took the MMA world by storm, talking trash about her and other female fighters as a means of stirring the pot to draw the interest of fans. While Rousey’s strategy was successful in earning her a shot at Tate’s title it has done little to earn her any respect from the divisional queen.

Tate addressed her budding rivalry with Rousey in a recent interview where she made it clear that she isn’t just out to beat the Olympic judoka when they face off – she’s out to injure her.

“I’m really motivated for this fight,” explained Tate in a conversation with MMAJunkie. “I want to win this fight as much as I’ve ever wanted to win any fight. This is really important because it’s my first title defense. That adds a little pressure. A lot of people say you’re not the true champion until you’ve defended your belt. That’s important. But beyond wanting to win, which I always want to win no matter what, what’s different is I absolutely cannot stand the thought of losing to this girl because I do not like what she stands for. I don’t like her attitude. (Losing) would be – I can’t even fathom it. That’s it. I will not accept it, and I will train as hard as it takes, I will put the right gameplan together, and I will go out there and execute it.”

“She’s probably the person I dislike the most out of anyone in my career I’ve had the opportunity to fight, and I think that adds an interesting element,” Tate continued. “I’m going to have a lot more passion, a lot more fire and a lot more just wanting to beat her ass. I really do. I want to go out there and punch her in the face. I want to elbow her. I’m going to try and cut her open if I can. I’m not just going out there to win this fight. I really want to hurt this girl.”

Tate-Rousey will mix it up on March 3 in Columbus, Ohio as headliners of an event also featuring match-ups such as KJ Noons vs. Josh Thomson and Paul Daley vs. Kauzo Misaki.


MMATraining Take: I’m glad Tate has decided to speak her mind but I think she’s in for a long (or short more specifically) night when it comes to facing Rousey. Making things personal is a dangerous mindset to have, especially if it’s not normally where your motivation is drawn from, and going in their reckless in any regard could spell disaster for Tate’s title-reign not to mention one of her arms.


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