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Opening Round: MMA’s Ten Naughtiest

Santa Claus has made his list and checked it twice. Those in the “nice” column are certainly safe where stuffed stockings are concerned while the “naughty” individuals aren’t so lucky. However, when it comes to the ten fighters who make the latter category’s cut it may not matter, as this surly lot could likely care less about placating the wishes of an obese old man in red pajamas. And, even if they were worried about it they would happily come over to your house, clean the boxed baubles out like the Grinch in Who-Ville, and maybe even snap your arm just for fun.

I present, MMA’s Ten Naughtiest…

10. Nate Marquardt: Though he diligently worked with athletic commissions to receive clearance, Marquardt was popped for a high level of testosterone a day before his was set to face Rick Story. The slip up led to him being cut from the UFC, possibly even banned forever, and he hasn’t fought since.

9. Frank Mir: I’m sorry, was “Minotauro” Nogueira your hero? Did you idolize him because of what he did in Japan? That’s nice. Now excuse me while I rip one of his limbs apart in gruesome fashion like it’s just another day in the office.

8. Nick Diaz: Call one of the UFC’s most popular fighters a “bitch”? Check. Skip out on two press conferences promoting a main event match-up? Check. Respond in a SUV while swearing at other drivers? Check. Don’t like it? Check yourself.

7. Ronda Rousey: “Rowdy” Ronda emerged as MMA’s “mean girl” after breaking Julia Budd’s arm, then calling out Miesha Tate and insinuating Sarah Kaufman’s accomplishments in the ring mean less than her lack of cover-girl looks. Reeeeow!

6. Forrest Griffin: The joke about rape was bad enough but Griffin also ho-hummed the sport of MMA, saying he no longer enjoyed being a participant while clearly enjoying the paychecks doing so provides.

5. Miguel Torres: The joke bout rape was bad enough but his lack of immediate apology put Torres over the top (and off the UFC roster).

4. Rashad Evans: Third time is a charm. The joke about rape was bad enough but worse yet his comments had to due with a specific group of victims who were sexually abused children no less. And not as an attempt at making a clever remark involving social commentary (Griffin) or referencing a TV show (Torres) but as means of degrading an opponent.

3. Chris Leben: Another suspension for drug use for a guy who has already been sidelined for similar reasons before, plus has multiple DWIs, is not a way to work your way into Santa’s heart.

2. Chael Sonnen: The past twelve months saw Sonnen convicted of a federal crime, testify against his former associates, insulted the nation of Brazil multiple times, picked a fight with Arianny Celeste, brought Anderson Silva’s wife into trash-talk, lied countless times in public, and was generally a downright entertaining guy who I can’t wait to hear from next! Er…

1.Brett Rogers: “Obvious signs of injury on her face, including a golf ball size bump above her left eyebrow, a bump on her right eyebrow, one in the middle of her forehead, injuries to her ears and jaw,” plus, “blood on her face and a missing tooth.” Otherwise known as part of a police report relating to Rogers assault on his wife in front of their children. Congratulations Mr. Rogers, you win the title for the worst of the bunch. Make sure to enjoy since you won’t be winning any other championships in the foreseeable future.

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