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Quinton Jackson: “I’m going to be fighting for as long as I want to fight.”

Fans expecting Quinton Jackson to kowtow to criticism over his decision to use testosterone injections as a means of continuing to compete at a high level were left disappointed last week after “Rampage” came forward further endorsing TRT.

Jackson first revealed he’d undergone the controversial therapy at the urging of his doctor as a means of being able to compete in February despite an injured knee.

“Before I started doing testosterone, I was thinking about retiring. Not because I was upset with the UFC as much as because my body’s all beat up,” explained the 33-year old in an interview with Sherdog Radio. “I wasn’t as motivated to train. That’s why, because my testosterone levels were really low. I think the doctor said I probably depleted them training really hard and fighting.”

“Now I feel like I’m 25 again. I’m going to be fighting for as long as I want to fight,” he concluded happily.

Up next for Jackson will be surgery on both of his knees to correct undisclosed issues. After recovering he is expected to face Mauricio “Shogun” Rua in a rematch of their memorable PRIDE encounter, likely being released from his contract afterward based on recent dispute with the UFC.


MMATraining Take: It was folly to think Jackson cared about the opinions of others who aren’t on board with his mindset. Plus, keep in mind TRT is legal and simply sounds/looks bad. He’s not doing anything wrong in any legal or regulatory sense so there’s no reason to fault him for his chosen path.

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