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Quinton Jackson: “I treat him the way I treat him because I have no respect for him.”

There’s no doubt Quinton “Rampage” Jackson takes his profession personally, often finding himself feuding with opponents during the build before eventually throwing down in the ring. This weekend’s title tilt with Jon Jones is no different, a fact once again made evident earlier today during a conference call with media when the two UFC 135 headliners opened up on their feelings towards each other and the match-up in general.

“I treat him the way I treat him because I have no respect for him,” said Jackson when asked about his anger towards the UFC light heavyweight champ. “Everyone’s counting me out and it seems he’s underestimating me a little bit so it makes me more confident I’ll be the first to beat him in MMA.”

Jackson explained his problem with Jones started at a press conference promoting Saturday night’s bout where he felt “Bones” was being disrespectful. Jones denied knowledge of what he’d done that had chapped Jackson’s hide and made it clear he, for one, had no hard feelings for the former PRIDE superstar.

“I definitely have a lot of respect for ‘Rampage’. That’s why I’m so excited about fighting the guy,” the 24-year old champion began. “For me there’s really nothing personal. I don’t have any beef. I’m looking at it as skills vs. skills.”

“Ultimately, I’m very award of why I’m here,” Jones continued. “I’m not here to show I’m a better talker – at arguing, at insulting – that’s not my mission.”

Both men will have a chance to back up their words in Denver alongside other bouts such as Matt Hughes vs. Josh Koscheck and Nate Diaz vs. Takanori Gomi.


MMATraining Take: My expectations are “mile high” for this fight and card in general. It’s been a great month of MMA so far and the trend should continue this weekend. I suspect Jones will win because it seems impossible to pick against him these days but I’d definitely have no problem with Jackson getting “his belt” back.


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