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Quinton Jackson: “The UFC makes billions off us all over the world and pay us chump change!”

After already expressing his displeasure with the UFC, former light heavyweight champion Quinton “Rampage” Jackson made it clear he isn’t done taking his place of employment to task just yet. Last week Jackson stated he planned to test free agency after his next bout inside the Octagon, saying he felt he was surrounded by negativity in the UFC and underpaid as well. He even went so far as to say the company’s initials actually stood for “U Fight Cheap” rather than Ultimate Fighting Championship.

Jackson was back at it again this weekend, blasting the organization based on fighter-pay and changing his tune in terms of how quickly he wanted to part ways with the world’s foremost MMA promotion.

“I’m hoping the UFC just lets me go so I can do my thang. They took my love of fighting after the Forrest fight,” wrote Jackson on Twitter. “The UFC makes billions off us all over the world and pay us chump change! Boxers are boring but making buckets of money. THINK!”

Though Jackson did not explain what he meant by losing his love of fighting based on a defeat to Forrest Griffin in 2008, his career has seemingly gone downhill since with mixed results in the ring and an arrest shortly after the loss for felonies stemming from a destructive hit-and-run incident in California.


MMATraining Take: At this point, as much as I love me some “Rampage”, the UFC needs to seriously consider cutting ties with him. There is little to no way he’ll make anywhere near the money he’s making right now unless signing with WWE, something I see as doubtful considering the schedule professional wrestling requires not to mention his inexperience and lack of mental toughness. Maybe getting a taste of reality would rekindle Jackson’s appreciation for what the UFC offers even if it isn’t necessarily ideal.


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