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Rashad Evans: “To live is to fight.”

The UFC’s production may be top notch and its athletes intriguing but, as far as Rashad Evans is concerned, neither matter much in terms of why people are drawn to Mixed Martial Arts. Rather, the former light heavyweight champ feels the inherent ability of humans to relate to survival on a primal level is the core element causing the sport’s popularity to rapidly ascend.

“We all fight in different arenas in our life. And I think that’s what draws so many people to fighting. It’s because it’s the actual physical manifestation of the way they feel inside,” said Evans in a recent interview promoting his April 21 title-fight against current champion Jon Jones.

“To me, to live is to fight. It’s about persevering. It’s about testing yourself. It’s about not becoming complacent. It’s about feeling alive in the moment because when you’re adrenaline is going, you’re thinking about that present moment,” continued Evans on the appeal of MMA. “You’re not somewhere else, you’re not thinking about what’s going to happen ten minutes from now and that’s the reason why I love fighting. When I’m in there, I feel free. I feel like there’s no other place I want to be. I can’t even think of anything beyond that second.”

Evans-Jones is the main event at UFC 145 and will mark the culmination of nearly a yearlong build between the former friends turned bitter rivals.

Check out the full clip with Evans below:


MMATraining Take: I like Evans’ philosophical take on MMA and can’t disagree. There’s something about mankind’s fight to survive and our own mortality making the sport that much more fascinating.


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