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Revealing video shows scene in Nick Diaz’s locker room shortly after UFC 143 loss

Based on welterweight Nick Diaz’s surly demeanor and emotional reaction to having been outpointed by Carlos Condit at UFC 143 it would be logical to assume he went on a tirade backstage involving a lot of shouting or chairs being thrown. However, as the saying goes, you can’t always judge a book by its cover, and in the case of Diaz the words absolutely ring true.

Diaz’s response to the defeat was captured recent video blog from UFC President Dana White where cameras followed fighters around behind the scenes at the event including into Diaz’s locker room once things had wrapped up. In the clip Diaz, who is clearly upset, maintains his composure and even gives Condit credit for winning a few rounds.

“He didn’t have nothing on those kicks. I’ve felt leg kicks before. Those were no leg kicks,” said Diaz of the strikes accounting for nearly a half of the total number thrown by Condit.

The vlog also shows a disappointed Roy Nelson wondering how he lost to Fabricio Werdum as well as provides a peek at how other winners/losers dealt with the fallout from their respective fights.

Check out the complete video below:

MMATraining Take: I absolutely LOVE the vlogs from White capturing all the amazing things happening backstage that most fans never see. One of my favorite moments has to do with Matt Riddle-Henry Martinez who went to war for fifteen minutes at the show yet are fist-bumping and exchanging pleasantries afterward based on how good the bout was.

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