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Robert Peralta’s UFC on FOX win over Mackens Semerzier ruled a No Contest

It’s rare to see an athletic commission step in to overturn the outcome of a bout unless one of the participants tests positive for a banned substance. However, in the case of last month’s UFC on FOX match-up between Robert Peralta and Mackens Semerzier the CSAC did just that after reviewing the footage and deeming the fight-ending sequence came as the result of an accidental headbutt rather than a sanctioned strike.

As a result of their findings the result will be changed from a TKO victory for Peralta to a No Contest. The change returns Semerzier’s overall record to 6-3 with Peralta’s moving back to 15-3.

The featherweights’ clash of heads came in the third round of an otherwise even affair and was caught on replays after action had already been stopped due to Peralta pounding on the downed Semerzier. With neither currently booked for a future fight it seems possible they could be re-matched at an event down the road, a situation Semerzier actively lobbied for after the fight’s initial ending.


MMATraining Take: I’m glad the CSAC did the right thing in this situation and wouldn’t mind them taking as active a role when it comes to premature stoppages. If a review of footage provides concrete evidence a referee’s error led to a wrongful result it should be addressed, not brushed over with a shrug of the shoulders.

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