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The UFC Should Bring In the 145’s

Dana White is now on record saying that they are working on integrating the WEC’s heavier weight classes into the UFC. This is good news and a logical step for two organizations owned by the same parent company Zuffa. Consolidation is the right play for MMA as a whole – more talent aggregated in the same ring creates better fight opportunities.

I’m making a request to consider the 145’s at the same time for good reason – they are exciting to watch and it a deep talented pool.

They don’t get the platform they deserve in the WEC today and if you watch a live MMA card with the lighter guys, they always put on a show.

Image of's top 10 in the 145 weight class in the world


With that in mind, here is our attempt at ranking the top 10 in the 145 weight class in the world.

1. Urijah Faber
2. Kid Yamamoto
3. Hideki Kadowaki
4. Akitoshi Tamura
5. Leonard Garcia
6. Wagnney Fabiano
7. Hatsu Hioki
8. Takeshi Inoue
9. Mike Thomas Brown
10. Mark Hominick

With Hominick’s impressive win over Savant Young at Affliction: Banned and Young’s earlier defeat of Inoue, we put Mark in top ten as a contender in the division. We moved Jeff Curan out of the top 10 after he announced this week his intentions to move to 135 lbs. Urijah has looked like a champ that will represent this weight class well and could hold the belt for an extended time.

If you don’t recognize some of the names on the list, you are not alone. It’s not because these guys aren’t super talented, it’s because they don’t have the huge spotlight enjoyed by those in the UFC. Dana and Co. should make an effort to bring in guys like Inoue, Hioki and of course a superfight between Kid and Faber would be the biggest 145 lbs clash in history.

I’d like to see the fighters get the recognition they deserve – in the UFC.

  • Ray Ray says:

    Iminari has dropped.

    Garcia is good. Had a close fight with a very game Roger Huerta. Well, it wasn’t close, but he was tough.

    Hominick beat a top 10 guy and other than the 2 WEC losses, he has been pretty solid.

  • Mitch Connor says:

    Pulver deserves consideration because in his career at FW he is something like 9-1, with the only loss coming to one of the top FW’s.

  • Mitch Connor says:

    Iminari def should be on the list even though he dropped to 135. Hominick has been choked out twice in recent fights by a 135 pounder and an up an comer at 145, there is no way he is top ten. Leanord Garcia is top 5 with one win at FW? If that is the case where is Mishima at? Id put Tokoro ahead of Hominick and Brown.

  • Greg says:

    What about Jens? He hung in with Faber.

  • John says:

    Where the hell is Imanari

  • Ron Jeramia says:

    Fabiano is a little high on this list, but overall this isn’t bad.

    Wagnney has to fight some better comp before he’s up that high.

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