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Top 5 Things I Have Learned About Opening an MMA Gym

1. Pride

Ever since we first opened the doors to the Adrenaline Training Center there has been a certain sense of pride that I have felt in the facility. The gym embodies everything I have ever wanted in a MMA: Great trainers, nice facility layout and proper equipment, positive atmosphere but still a feeling that you know champions are born within the walls. Having trained in every facility imaginable, from basements of Churches, to huge multi million dollar Goodlife Fitness esq. gyms, I am so proud to help create something that I am honoured to be a part of. I look forward to training, training others of all levels and having a successful gym along the way.

2. Delegation

I know part of the this feeling is due to my controlling nature, but I have learned to delegate some of the responsibilities of the gym. When we first opened I tried to handle every aspect and every issue with the gym, which was beginning to run me down. I have have learned to believe in the strong team around and understand that they are as, or more capable of running various aspects of the gym. I am sure part of the problems stems that I am so proud of Adrenaline and passionate about all aspects that I wanted to handle everything but now understand that a business is run with the team as opposed to one person.

3. Goals

Since opening the gym I have forced to deal with what my goals are right now in my life, personal of business. I am so excited about the gym and I am trying to ensure it’s success but I also have to realize what my focus really is, which is becoming a World Champion in MMA. It is nice that in between training I can focus on the gym and the issues related to it, but in the big picture have to focus on the success of my career as a MMA fighter.

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4. Time Management

With training for upcoming fights and day to day operations with the gym, I have learned to make my schedule very strict and not stray too far from the ensure both training and business do not overwhelm me. It has made me focus on each day and make sure everything gets covered in a timely and efficient manner.

5. General Public View of MMA

Since opening the doors I learned that there is so much more to be understood about MMA by the general public. Sometimes being around individuals in and around the sport 24 hours a day makes you forget that the average fan, or individual interested in training may not know all aspects of the sport. I have had people come in and think that when you sign up for training that we put on the gloves and jump in the cage in the first class, or learn that physical fitness is one of the largest parts of the training involved. Over the years anyone in the sport has seen guys come in and think they already know it all about MMA, or want to fight in a week, but there are a number of people just looking to train for the fun of it have no idea that training doesn’t always mean putting on the gloves and punching at each other, but rather learning technique, getting a great workout without any contact at all. I really like changing peoples perspective on the sport in a positive manner and I am happy when that happens.

  • Jessica Grass says:

    my brother is looking to open a mma gym and fitness in northern cali. wondering if there is a websight or book that helped u out? thanks

  • Eddie Smith says:

    I’m currently in the proces of opening a MMA gym in my home town. I have a 5500 sq ft facility where I will have a full MMA cage, Conditioning corner, aerobics and teach 5 styles of the arts. I am concerned about gettin my name out there… What would you suggest would be a good marketing approach? Thank you for all your input!

  • adil abbas says:

    All I can say is that the Adrenaline gym gives a new meaning to MMA training facilities the world over! I use to have to go from one gym to another, train with this guy and that guy, do it this way and that way, bla bla bla! But now there is finaly a place where you know champions deligate there students, and teach so consistently their winning phylosophy in and out of the ring, and a place where the wondering fighter or MMA enthusiast has not to wonder anymore. Thank you Adrenaline!

  • Derek says:

    I train at Adrenaline and from when I first started training at the old club till now everybody has shown me great respect and kindness. Speaking as somebody that wants and will fight one day it’s true you don’t understand the commitment you need to make to this sport and your coaches. I just want to say thank you too everybody at Adrenaline because without you great people I would be able to live out a dream.

  • Ricco says:

    Interesting read.

    I think any would-be gym owner would take a lot away from this.

    I don’t own a gym myself but the same ideas apply to most businesses. The specifics of an MMA gym are different of course and this demonstrates that well.

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