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UFC in Toronto Makes Perfect Sense

Tom Wright at CFL Press Conference

Tom Wright at CFL Press Conference

The UFC announced today that they would be setting up an office in Toronto, Ontario Canada just as they did a few years ago in England. It’s an interest move for the Mixed Martial Arts leaders since MMA in Ontario isn’t even yet sanctioned and premier Dalton McGuinty was quoted last year saying that MMA isn’t even on the radar for the provincial government.

Despite that, the UFC in Ontario makes perfect sense. The province of Ontario makes up 17% of the UFC revenue and the city of Toronto has the highest PPV per capita ratio of any of the major North American cities. Ontario has Zuffa fighters Sam Stout, Chris Horodecki and Mark Hominick and an ever growing listing of Ontario MMA gyms.

If the UFC wants Ontario regulated over the next year, there is no better place to set up an office than in the backyard of your future partner. The UFC put former CFL commissioner Tom Wright in charge which is also a great move. Wright has a wealth of experience and brings a ‘more experienced’ image than Dana White does. Wright is a local businessman that seems to get along well with the fans, the media and hopefully the politicians.

Three cheers for the UFC in Toronto. A UFC offic will fit perfectly into the city and the UFC’s expansion plans. I just hope some day Ontario will see some fights too.


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