Pennsylvania MMA Gyms

Below is our listing of MMA training facilities in Pennsylvania. If you are the owner or attend a gym that is missing from your list, please use our MMA gym addition form to request that we add your gym to the list. Gym addition requests are usually handled within 48 hours.

Boothwyn - Sports Extreme
Charleroi - Octane MMA
Charleroi - Octane MMA
East Stroudsburg - Team chamber MMA
Feasterville - Street Road MMA
Greensburg - Slyx Fitness
Greensburg - Slyx Fitness
Jenkintown - BJJ United
King Of Prussia - Nak Muay Gym
King Of Prussia - Nak Muay Gym
King Of Prussia - Nak Muay Gym
Malvern - 147 W King St
Newtown - Reality MMA
North Huntington, Greensburg - Combative Grappling Systems
Penn Hills - Penn Hills MMA
Philadelphia - Fight Firm MMA
Philadelphia - FIT GYM
Philadelphia - Diamond MMA Academy
Philadelphia - Maxercise MMA Academy
Shillinton - Drago MMA
Stockertown - The Battle Barn

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