Ajamu Bernard

Journey to the intricate world of Kettlebell training, where power and creativity combine for an exhilarating training experience and guaranteed results.

Ajamu is the founder of Athletics And Wellness, and KBellTrainingAcademy.com dedicated to bringing Kettlebell training to the fitness industry.

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Ajamu, an exceptionally talented KBell athlete who graduated with top marks from the prestigious Russian Kettlebell Challenge (RKC) Academy, given by the world’s top Kettlebell instructor, Pavel Tsatsouline finds pleasure in communicating the biochemical benefits of his favorite tool. Through years of experience, teaching and using KBells in athletic team settings, group fitness classes, workshops and with individual clients, he has honed his talents as a trainer and coach to emerge as the #1 KBell trainer in Canada.

Ajamu’s style of teaching is a rhythmic combination of eastern influenced arts, gymnastics, the study of old-school strength training techniques and a spiritual appreciation of the power of the human body. His training programs are ballistic in nature with heavy emphasis on the mind-body connection to achieve optimal strength, power and flexibility. He believes in holistic and passionate living.

Ajamu Bernard is from Toronto, Canada. He is a former NCAA basketball athlete who attended Georgia State University and has been working as a personal trainer and athlete development coach for 10 years. Ajamu has also participated at a competitive level in soccer, Muay Thai, swimming and running.