Florian Training in the North

Greg Jackson, Firaz Zahabi and his team don’t have an official name, but one is not needed when you boast some of the best fighters in the world including Georges St. Pierre, Rashad Evans, Nate Marquardt, Keith Jardine, Loiseau and Kang. They all travel and train together and whenever the next fighter is getting ready, they are there to help him.

Zahabi said you can add one more name to the training group, MMA star Kenny Florian.

“Kenny was up training with us last week. He will be back to train with us closer to his fight with BJ Penn. He enjoyed what he learned up here and he knows what he needs to do against BJ Penn. We all had some good sparing sessions.”

Florian will take on Penn at UFC 101 August 8th in Philadelphia for the UFC lightweight title. Florian enlisted the St. Pierre camp for additional help along with his coaches Mark De La Grotte, Peter Welch and Kevin Kearns. Florian has an amazing group to surround him, but Zahabi knows how good Penn is.

“BJ is a beast. He is just a beast. He is not an easy guy to beat by any means and there is no blue print for fighting BJ Penn, but Florian can win for sure.”

UFC 97 This Weekend

For UFC 97 Zahabi will be cornering both David Loiseau and Denis Kang. It will be “The Crow’s” first fight back in the UFC in over 2 years and he will likely feel some pressure fighting at home against Ed Herman. Zahabi is confident in his pupil.

“Ed Herman is a tough guy and he will always answers back when pressured and he works hard. If David fights the right fight, he will break Ed Hermans will. Herman is a fighter until the end, and I admire that but David will put the hurt on him early and break his will.”

Kang is in a similar situation. He is feeling the pressure fighting in his home country, but also the pressure of coming off a debut loss (One that he was supposed to win over Alan Belcher at UFC 93 in January).

“Denis is fighting Professor X. (Xavier Foupa-Pokam) He is long lanky striker and he is a touch and go type fighter. He can throw flying knees and kinds of combos. The key for Denis is to go in there and keep a high pace. He has to use his clinch and his wrestling to nullify his opponents attack.”