Eric Wong

Eric Wong has a Honours Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology, CSCS and studied under world-renowned back expert Dr. Stuart McGill at the University of Waterloo.

Shot of Eric Wong with Jeff Joslin

Wong, who in the past worked as Physical Training Instructor for the Ontario Police College has 8 years experience as a strength and conditioning specialist. He has been exclusively training mixed-martial artists since 2005 and is currently the S&C coach for Jeff Joslin and other pro fighters associated with the Joslin’s camp. Eric is also currently studying BJJ under Jeff.

Eric specializes in helping athletes who have lives outside of MMA (jobs, families, etc) develop elite levels of S&C through innovative, efficient, and easy-to-follow programs and is dedicated to continuing education and innovation leading to more effective training protocols for mixed-martial artists. He loves the sport – thinks it’s the most demanding physically and mentally than any other sport out there and has the utmost respect for anyone willing to go through thousands of hours of grueling training then step into the cage for 15 minutes against someone whose only goal is to knock you out or make you tap.