jake-shields1It was an action packed weekend in the MMA world as Strikeforce and the WEC puts on excellent shows Saturday and Sunday respectively. Like any major fight card there were some surprises and some things that we learned about certain fighters. Here are the top 3.

1. Andrei Arlovski suffered another KO loss, and this time it was to a virtual unknown in Brett Rogers. It came early and it came vicious. Poor Arlovski. The former UFC heavyweight champion has now lost 2 in a row by brutal knock out and it won’t get much easier for him to climb up the heavyweight ladder.

What we learned: Everyone is saying Arlovski has a weak chin, but the punches from Rogerswould have floored anyone in the heavyweight division. I don’t think it’s his chin, but rather his inability to move laterally when an opponent is coming straight at him, and he often has a tendency to drop his hands when he is attacking. Arlovski likes to stand in the pocket and we love him for it, but this lack of side to side movement will only result in more losses to fighters in the top 10 – assuming they give him those type of fights.

2. Jake Shields pulled off the slight upset over top 10 Welterweight Robbie Lawler, in a match that was quick and painless for the Ceaser Gracie student.

What we learned: Jake Shields is better than we thought. Early in his career he was called boring, as he would grind out decision victories with his superior grappling. Now he is ending fights early and against top competition. His stand up is still a work in progress, but he was using good body kicks to keep Lawler away and Lawler did little to no damage in the quick round one submission. It’s tough to say who Jake Shields faces now, but let’s all realize that he is the real deal and deserves his top 5 ranking.

3. Urijah Faber and Mike Brown squared off in the most anticipated rematch at 145 lbs in the history of the WEC. It was Brown who controlled the fight with his take downs and ground work and a broken hand mid way through the second forced Faber to only use his right elbow (very effectively I might add) throughout the remainder of the fight. Brown took a decision win in an excellent fight between two great fighters. faber-brown1

What we learned: It’s time for Faber VS. Torres. This would be the logical step for Faber. He is 0-2 against Brown and it’s unlikely they will give him an immediate third fight, even though fans would want to see it. Instead, Faber should move down to 135 lbs where he has said he is comfortable and win 1 or 2 tune up fights before fighting Torres. This would be a big money fight and a real challenge to Torres – at a time when there is little competition for him.

And if Torres can get by Faber you let him move up to 145 lbs and face whoever the champ is at the time. With a small number of superstars in the WEC, they must improvise and this would line up some huge fights over the next year or two.

What did you learn from the weekend?