Do you live in the Indianapolis, Indiana area and have an interest in giving BJJ a shot or honing some of your already-developed skills? If so, a school you may want to check out is Marcello’s BJJ Academy.

With Marcello Monteiro‘s world renowned step-by-step Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu curriculum, he has a long history of setting people down the path to success on the mat as well as helping increase their overall fitness and self-defense skills in friendly setting. Doing so can even be a great way to work off stress from a person’s regular job.

As you likely know, BJJ is one of the most effective disciplines in MMA and is used around the world. It’s essentially a game of human chess pitting one individual against the other in hopes of gaining leverage to lock in a submission through technique no matter the size or strength difference.

As Monteiro says, “With proper technique any opponent can be overcome on and off the mat.”

Learning through Indianapolis Marcello’s BJJ Academy, the detailed lesson plan will assist a person in progressively improving their BJJ arsenal, learn self-defense, and to develop the ability to lock in holds seen by their favorite fighters. Several different classes for different skill levels are offered at the academy to ensure that every interested person will stay on course to receive a blackbelt with continued dedication.

Learn more about the school by checking out the Marcello Monteiro BJJ Academy website.

MMATraining Take: I’ve never trained there but it sounds like a fantastic set-up meant to help everyone learn a little or a lot depending on their interest level.