It appears Anderson Silva‘s title-defense against Chael Sonnen may have run into a conflict.

The United Nations has scheduled a conference for Brazil from June 20-22 with UFC 147 set to take place June 23. That leaves little room for fight fans to push through an already congested city of Rio de Janeiro let alone get hotel rooms for fighters/camps.

UFC President Dana White said during the post-event press conference for UFC on Fuel 2 his organization had hoped to have everything sorted out prior to the Sweden show. Instead, White feels that the next few days will leave them with a final decision on the matter.

The situation may result in the UFC having to change the date or location of Silva’s clash with Sonnen. Their highly-anticipated rematch is currently booked to take place inside a soccer stadium with 80,000 fans feeding off an already frenzied environment. Other fights planned for the card include Vitor Belfort-Wanderlei Silva and the finals of TUF Brasil.


MMA Training Take: Honestly, between the Brazilian faithful who stayed up until the early morning for the last UFC pay-per-view, and the fact that it will be Silva and Sonnen, this card could take place on a Tuesday and it would still draw record numbers and ratings.