Any lingering doubt surrounding Anderson Silva’s status as the greatest Mixed Martial Artist the sport has ever seen were erased last night at UFC 148 after a shaky start against rival Chael Sonnen. Silva spent nearly five minutes on his back in the opening round of action before stopping Sonnen with strikes in the second stanza, taking advantage of an opening created by a poorly judged spinning backfist attempt by the silver-tongued grappler.

The win not only earned Silva the right to silence Sonnen’s smack-talk but also netted him $75,000 as the event’s Knockout of the Night.

Fittingly, Fight of the Night was attached to the final outing of Tito Ortiz’s storied career. Ortiz and Forrest Griffin went at it for three full frames, each landing solid shots and injuring the other along the way. In the end it was Griffin who came out with his hand raised though both men received the extra $75,000 for the award.

No submissions occurred at the event so no Submission of the Night was named.


MMATraining Take: If you watch the replay of Silva’s finishing sequence you get a real understanding for how amazing it was. He actually tripped Sonnen after the spinning backfist, assisting in Sonnen’s stumble to the mat. The following knee was as well-placed as it could have been and spelled doom for Sonnen’s chances of recovery.