It may sound like a story out of some bizarro version of the UFC but it turns out middleweight Chael Sonnen vouching for divisional champion Anderson Silva prevented the Brazilian icon from being fined a significant amount of cash in relation to a heated exchange at the weigh-ins for UFC 148. During the fighters’ staredown Silva threw a shoulder-shot at Sonnen’s face, drawing criticism from countless fans and the watchful eye of the Nevada Athletic Commission.

However, based on Sonnen’s account of the situation, the NAC opted not to punish Silva.

“Chael willing to forgive Anderson went a long way with me and the chairman. He was very honorable, perhaps more than he needed to be, towards Anderson,” explained NAC executive Keith Kizer in an interview with MMAFighting.

Kizer also added that he told Silva, “If you ever do anything like that again you will not be invited to fight in Nevada again.”


MMATraining Take: Considering the UFC’s home-base is in Las Vegas, as are many of their biggest events, it seems it would be wise for Silva to adhere to Kizer’s warning. However, since his actions were a result of his rivalry with Sonnen I don’t think a repeat incident is much of a concern anyways.