Clay Guida has a reputation for his freakish ability to fight at full steam for fifteen minutes without breaking a sweat. However, rather than be intimidated by Guida’s seemingly bottomless gas-tank, his opponent tonight at UFC on FOX: Velasquez vs. Dos Santos is interested in meeting the colorful competitor head-on in the conditioning department to see who blinks first.

In a recent interview promoting tonight’s event, Ben Henderson made it clear he’s intent on doing to “The Carpenter” what no other man has before – make him tired.

“I’m gonna continue doing the exact same thing I always do,” the former WEC champion explained in a conversation with the UFC’s website. “Clay has good cardio, we all know that and we’ve seen him go for a long time, but my goal, as in every fight, is to break him, to make him so tired that he just wants to get out of there.”

“Bendo” elaborated some more on his strategy, saying, “My goal isn’t to make people miserable. My goal is to mentally and physically break them. I want you so tired that there’s no way you can keep going.”

“Let’s see who can go longer,” he continued. “Let’s turn the treadmill all the way up to the highest level and see who steps off first. Let’s put some burning coals in our hands and see who lets go first. It’s not gonna be me.”

Henderson’s confidence extends beyond his cardio, providing a level of self-assurance leading to visions of a historic title-run in the 27-year old’s mind.

“I do keep an eye on the division and see how guys are going and how they’re progressing, but as far as matchup wise, it doesn’t matter,” said Henderson. “I literally want to have the belt and defend it twenty times. I want to fight everybody in the division. If you’re at 155 after I have the belt, trust me, you’re gonna get your shot, because they’re gonna run out of people to throw at me. I want to run through this division, I want to defeat everybody, and I don’t want to look too far ahead, but that’s the goal.”

Interested folks can watch Henderson and Guida go at it tonight on FOX Desportes and Facebook when the UFC on FOX prelims prior to the championship clash between Cain Velasquez and Junior dos Santos sitting atop the historic card.


MMATraining Take: I think Henderson is kidding himself if he thinks he’ll wear Guida down but I can definitely see him putting an end to the fan-favorite’s streak. Henderson has similar skills to Guida in terms of speed, energy, striking, and wrestling, but his BJJ is a bit better and I’d argue he’s a bit stronger as well. Regardless it should be a tremendous fight tonight and one no MMA fan should miss.