Sly in Rocky 6 looking past his prime
Sly in Rocky 6 looking past his prime

Boxing is run by circus clowns.  Please don’t argue this one with me. 

Sylvester Stallone was inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame class of 2011.

That’s right.  Rocky. 

Here’s the thing.  He didn’t really win against Ivan Drago.  Or Tommy Gun.  Well, he did but it was a MOVIE. He’s actually not a real boxer.  The punches never really landed.   Right?

In the same class of inductees is Mike Tyson.  I get it – Mike was a legendary fighter but let’s make sure I understand the eligibility criteria for the Hall of Fame:

– Chewed an opponent’s ear.  Check.
– Jailed for rape.  Check
– Soloist in the Hangover.  Check
– Hall of Fame here I come…

Baseball is a different beast but it would appear Pete Rose, if he was a boxer, would be in the Hall of Fame had he eaten part of Mike Schmidt’s ear and forced himself sexually on Johnny Bench.   Instead he’s exiled for gambling.

Why not induct Fred Flintstone.  He did some boxing on a few shows.

Cowboy Bob Orton must have received some write in votes.

How do you feel if you are inducted into the Hall of Fame in your sport alongside someone who played an athlete in a movie? 

Imagine these headlines:

“Robert Redford has been elected into the Baseball Hall of Fame for The Natural”

“The Hansen Brothers have been elected into the Hockey Hall of Fame for their work in the movie Slapshot”

Boxing is running out of…well boxers to elect into the Boxing Hall of Fame. 

Circus Clowns 1 Boxing 0.