When Brandon Vera (12-5) squared off against Thiago Silva (14-2) on New Year’s Eve weekend last year he found himself outmuscled throughout their bout, absorbing a ton of damage and ultimately earning a decision loss that cost him his spot on the UFC roster. However, shortly after the win it was revealed Silva had doctored his urine sample in order to avoid testing positive for steroid use and would be suspended for a year as a result.

The circumstances surrounding the loss led to Vera being re-signed who then went on to win his follow-up bout against Eliot Marshall this past October. With Silva’s suspension now up, Vera expressed his interest in a fair fight against the Brazilian and will apparently get what he wants as the UFC has announced the two will mix it up on May 15 in Fairfax, Virginia. Though not official, it is believed the show will serve as UFC on FX 3.

Beyond settling a personal score, the bout is crucial for both in terms of avoiding the risk of release. Vera had lost back-to-back battles entering his original meeting with Silva, while the 29-year old American Top Teamer was also coming off a loss and obviously has the dark cloud of a suspension for steroid use hovering above his head.

The event is also set to feature a fight between middleweights Jason MacDonald-Tom Lawlor.


MMATraining Take: This fight makes sense and will be easier to sell to the public than any other match-up featuring either would. I’m not sure the result will be any different, as I’d agree Silva’s steroid use definitely assisted him in beating Vera the first time but overall I feel he’s still the better fighter. Vera looked bad against Marshall even though he won the decision and he hasn’t fought since.