There’s no question Brian Stann is proud of his contributions to the United States military as a Marine. A decorated veteran, Stann has never shied away from discussing his past which, ironically, is the reason he won’t be talking about it much if at all in the future.

Stann’s concern stems from a recent experience with Ultimate Insider where he went into detail about military operation. Apparently the amount of emotional digging involved struck a nerve with the 31-year old who no longer wants to be defined by simply his service to the country.

“I never really wanted to talk about it,” said Stann in an interview with MMAJunkie. “Back in my WEC days, I was forced to do it. But I was always able to tap-dance around the answers, be very vague, bestow credit upon my Marines and not really get into specifics.”

However, he wasn’t able to dodge any answers when the Ultimate Insider crew came calling.

“I wasn’t prepared for those two days mentally. It was difficult,” added Stann of his experience with the Fuel TV segment and the specifics brought up. In addition to the UFC middleweight’s account of the involved mission the gripping package also featured actual video of his squadron’s encounter and a face-to-face meeting with one of Stann’s fellow soldiers who was injured during the experience.

“What defines me is being a husband and father,” explained Stann of what he wanted to be known for from here on out.

The 11-4 Stann faces Alessio Sakara this Saturday at UFC on Fuel 2 (3:00 PM EST). It will mark Stann’s first fight since falling to Chael Sonnen this past October. Prior to the defeat he had won three straight.


MMATraining Take: I have no problem with Stann’s stance. He’s been an extremely good ambassador for the military thus far in his career and there’s no reason he needs to keep re-hashing the same stories for media’s sake.