When it comes to an individual’s commitment to any craft there has to be a driving force pushing the person to achieve his/her goals. In the case of Mixed Martial Artists the same is true, a point UFC middleweight Brian Stann can attest to.

However, rather than be motivated by the fame or money attached to a career on MMA’s biggest stage, the fire burning in Stann’s gut is related to testing himself in the form of a fight next weekend with top middleweight contender Chael Sonnen.

“Inspiration is a priceless commodity as far as I’m concerned, and it’s something that forces us to become better fighters and, more important, better people,” Stann recently wrote in his FoxSports blog. “When we are inspired to do something or achieve something, it becomes a whole lot easier to wake up, snap into action and tread the necessary steps to fulfilling that goal.”

“On October 8 at UFC 136,” he continued. “I will walk into the Octagon to face Chael Sonnen, the universally recognized #2 middleweight in the world, and, yes, it’s fair to say I haven’t had to look far for inspiration or, indeed, motivation.”

Catch up some more with Stann on his quest to become the next in line for a crack at 185-pound champion Anderson Silva by checking out the following video:

MMATraining Take: I’m not 100% confident in Stann’s ability to beat Sonnen but it’s hard to count him out given the things he’s achieved so far in his career and how sharp he’s been since dropping down from light heavyweight. He’s immersed in a great camp at Jackson’s MMA and should be ready for Sonnen’s one-dimensional, albeit highly-effective, grappling attack come showtime in Houston.