Ten talented heavyweights were on display inside the Octagon this past Saturday night at UFC 146, but it seems the man meriting the most discussion since the card’s conclusion is one who didn’t even take to the cage – Brock Lesnar. Lesnar, a former divisional champion, was seen ringside for the first time at a UFC event since his retirement in December, piquing the curiosity of countless viewers.

Adding fuel to the fire, UFC President Dana White mentioned he planned to meet with Lesnar after the post-show press conference at the hulking Minnesotan’s request. When pressed on whether or not the news was a sign Lesnar was returning to MMA, White didn’t deny the possibility though said things were far from certain in any regard.

Lesnar hung up his gloves after a loss to Alistair Overeem and in the wake of some health-related issues involving his digestive system. Most recently he has been working with WWE where he first rose to fame as a professional wrestler.

Check out White talking about Lesnar at the 12:25 mark in the video below:


MMATraining Take: Lesnar is a sideshow attraction at this point. Sure, he’d bring in some buys if he came back, but he’s not going to beat any top shelf heavyweight at this point in his career. He turns 35 this summer, he was outclassed in his last two fights, and he’s way behind on the learning curve based on how late he got into the game.