When Brock Lesnar locks horns with Alistair Overeem next weekend at UFC 141 there aren’t many people giving the former UFC champion credit where his chances at standing with “The Demolition Man” are concerned. In fact, quite a few folks feel all it will take is one well-placed punch to leave Lesnar in a heap.

However, Lesnar has a different view on things as would be expected, feeling most of the criticism directed at his ability to strike with other top fighters has little to do with his actual skill level.

“Any time you’re on top, whatever it is, and I don’t care if it’s the business world or it’s in farming or fighting — and those are all things that I’m in — there’s people out to get you,. There’s criticism,” Lesnar explained in a recent interview with Sports Illustrated. “I don’t know if it’s just that people don’t like to see other people succeed, or just if they want to see them fail.”

“I think it’s a bunch of bullsh*t,” Lesnar candidly added on the subject of his chin. “The fights that I’ve gotten hit, I’ve stood and banged with Heath Herring, Randy Couture, Frank Mir — I’ve taken a lot of shots. I mean, Shane Carwin. And I’ve yet to be knocked out. I had refs stop a fight for a submission and a TKO, which is a referee stoppage. I’ve never been knocked out cold.”

While they may not mean Lesnar will go toe-to-toe with the Dutch kickboxer it at least affirms he’s not afraid to go that route when necessary, proving again why their December 30 dance will be a “must see” match-up.


MMATraining Take: Lesnar’s confidence is commendable but let’s be real – Herring, Couture, and Mir are not shredded, K-1 World Grand Prix champs with a history of knocking opponents out. I know Lesnar can take an initial shot. Hell, any WWE fan who remembers him face-planting from the top rope knows that. However, he’s still semi-simple to rock and Overeem won’t hesitate to pull the trigger if/when that occurs.