A number of respected UFC fighters, including two current champions, have now gone on record to express their opinions on light heavyweight title-holder Jon Jones’ recent arrest for driving under the influence. Jones pleaded guilty to the charge and received the related punishment as a result.

Those weighing in on the matter were Cain Velasquez, Junior dos Santos, Frank Mir, Jason Miller, Dominick Cruz, and Chad Mendes.

A handful of their responses can be found below followed by the complete video courtesy of UFC Central:

Velasquez – “We all mess up and things like that happen. Hopefully you learn from it and move forward.”

Cruz – “The advice I would give him is pray. Jon Jones is a friend so I just hope he gets everything sorted out and back to where he belongs – fighting in the UFC, immediately.”

Mir – “We all fall down, but the point is we get back up and you march forward and you acknowledge what you did. We’re not perfect. As long as there is humility and an aspiration to be a better person, and to learn from your mistakes, that’s what people want to see.”

Dos Santos – “It was a little bit sad cause Jon Jones is a really nice guy with me. He’s really nice, I like him. He’s a really good talent in this sport. If I could give advice I’d say to him, ‘Don’t drink anymore.’”


MMATraining Take: Some great insight without question, as all of the men involved know what it’s like to be a widely-recognized, accomplished fighter and deal with the pressures it creates. I thought JDS was particularly genuine and Jones shying away from booze altogether could actually be a great thing for his career and long-term prospects.”