Former UFC heavyweight champ Cain Velasquez finally felt the sting of what a fighter’s first loss feels like. Velasquez was knocked out by current title-holder Junior dos Santos for the gold late in 2011, ending the American Kickboxing Academy competitor’s run as divisional king while simultaneously putting the first “L” on his record.

The former Arizona State University wrestling standout knew going undefeated was never a likely situation for him in a sport like MMA. Now, with several months of training behind him, Velasquez feels as confident as ever while preparing for Frank Mir. Velasquez-Mir will be the co-headliner at UFC 146 with the winner becoming the #1 contender to the title.

“I’m a realist. I knew I wasn’t going to go through my career undefeated,” said Velasquez in an interview with Yahoo Sports. “That’s how this sport is. People lose. Even the best guys lose. I knew as soon as it was over, I had to pick myself back up and keep going forward.”

As a noted workout-warrior, Velasquez found his inner-passion in the gym, spending countless days and nights training to get back in the best shape possible.

“I do have some extra motivation now, for sure, but I wish that for that night, things had gone differently and that the fans had gotten the fight they came to see,” added Velasquez, referring to how short his meeting with Dos Santos was.


MMA Training Take: Velasquez-Mir will be a match up of styles, as Velasquez will try to keep the bout more of a stand-up, wrestling-type fight, while Mir will likely look for the submission.