lesnarSaturday night was a coming out party for Brock Lesnar at UFC 116 in Las Vegas. Not that we didn’t know who he was before. The giant 6’3 265 lbs ball of muscle is hard to miss. But what we saw from Lesnar on Saturday was a thrilling come from behind victory and a shout out to the entire MMA world that there is no quit in Brock Lesnar and he will be extremely difficult to beat.

In round 1 of their heavyweight title fight, Shane Carwin hit Lesnar hard with a barrage of punches and the referee was seconds away from stopping the fight on numerous occasions. Lesnar was being mauled by the similar sized Carwin only to escape the round, and the pounding for an easy 10-8 loss.

In round 2 it was all Lesnar as he mounted Carwin, locked in an arm triangle, jumped to his right and Carwin was forced to tap. Next up is Cain Velasquezwho may face Lesnar at UFC 119 in Indianapolis in September. After that, the winner of Junior Dos Santos and Roy Nelson gets a shot at the title. If he gets by those two fights, then who?

It’s hard for me to imagine someone with the wrestling background and stand up skills to be able to beat Brock. Cain may be the right guy, but I fear he is too small. Dos Santos is likely to get taken down and pounded on and Big County probably isn’t athlete enough for Brock. After that, the UFC could throw Mir in there again – but I doubt that will go any different than UFC 100. Carwin will have to wait a while before he gets another shot at the title.

 Fedor is an interested thought. If he can get a rematch with Fabricio Werdum ASAP and beat him, then Brock vs Fedor could be a huge draw. Again, I worry Fedor isn’t what he used to be. After Brett Rogers got him down and was pounding on him, I would hate to see what Lesnar could do.

Alistair Overeem is someone who could match the size and strength of Brock and he a great stand up game. Just not sure he has the wrestling and the chin to overcome Lesnar.

Time will tell if anyone can stop the current UFC heavyweight champion, but he looks to be in for a long run at the top.