ufc1001I’m doing everything I can not to get my hopes up. 

I want to be shocked, surprised, amazed at the spectacle.

I don’t want another Forrest Gump.  Yes, Forrest Gump.

You know how it is – that movie that everyone has seen, that everyone tells you is the greatest movie ever made, that you decide to finally watch and….it is a big letdown.  The hype was too strong for reality to ever come close.

UFC100 is close.  Very close.  I’m getting emails, texts, phone calls daily on it:
“Two weeks buddy, it’s gonna rock!!!”
“This is going to be the greatest sporting event ever and WE’RE GOING TO BE THERE DUDE!!”
“Lesnar is going dooooowwwwwn”
“Say it with me….GSP…GSP….GSP…George RRRRRRRRRRRRRushhhhhhhhh St. Pierrrre”

I hear you.  It will rock. It has to rock, right?  It’s UFC100, it is guaranteed to rock. 

I think my ticket even says “fully refundable if it doesn’t totally rock forever and ever.” 

But what if it doesn’t?

What if Lesnar is big and fast but Mir twists his ankle again?

gsp06What if GSP smothers Alves like he did Penn?

What if Mark Colemangets tired?  Ok, Mark Coleman will get tired. 

What if UFC100 turns out to be Gigli in disguise (Ben Affleck, Jennifer Lopez, Christopher Walken, Al Pacino and a turd of a movie)?

What I want is the Lyoto Machida experience at every UFC event I attend.  I’m spoiled.  I want to be watching an average to good overall card with reasonable expectations and then be blown away by something truly unexpected.  Something truly exceptional that makes the UFC and MMA as a whole, the remind yourself to breath type encounter that has allowed for its success. 

I will go in to UFC 100 with reasonable expectations and as a result, I will come out of it having witnessed live one of the most memorable sporting events in our history. 

Keep your ticket stub from this one – you’ll want to be able to prove to your grandchildren you were there. 

Trust me, it’s gonna rock.