gina_caranoTwo years ago, MMA enthusiasts excitedly predicted a women’s MMA fight between Gina Carano and Chris Cyborg would be the biggest match in women’s fighting history and would be a defining moment in MMA history. While I agree this will be the biggest fight to date for female MMA, the significance of Saturday nights main event looks to have lost all it’s momentum. Outside of the hardcore MMA fan, does anyone know this is happening this Saturday? What about the growing and very important population of female MMA fans? Are they aware this fight is this Saturday? Other than fans who visit the forums and message boards no one is talking about this. Absolutely no one. Not sure what Strikeforce should do, but I know they aren’t doing it.

For a fight that was supposed to be a turning point in Mixed Martial Arts history, it certainly isn’t being promoted as such and at will likely go down as a failure. Here is a promo video for the event after the jump, which I found buried deep on Youtube.