With four straight wins including a trio of strike-based stoppages there’s no doubt UFC welterweight Carlos Condit has the tools to end an opponent’s evening before scorecards come into play, an opinion validated by the fact he has finished 26 of the 27 foes he’s felled.

Though putting away 170-pound champion Georges St. Pierre is no easy feat, doing so is something Condit certainly feels he can accomplish based on his skill-set and mental strength. “The Natural Born Killer” recently discussed his intentions in an extended preview for his bout with GSP at UFC 137.

“I’m hard to fight,” Condit explained. “No matter what position we’re in I’m going to beat you down physically and break you mentally. And I’m going to do that in this fight as well.”

As far as why the bout is so important to him other than the obvious, Condit made it clear he’s been waiting for an opportunity to win UFC gold for a long time and doesn’t plan on letting it pass him by.

“This is my dream. This is what I’ve wanted to do since I was a little kid. I feel like I have nothing to lose and everything to gain in this fight.”

You can watch the entire preview by checking out the video below:


MMATraining Take: The more I think about it more likely I think it is that Condit might pull out the win on October 29. He is more-rounded than anyone St. Pierre has faced in his career and packs power too. While I still believe St. Pierre should be the favorite, a loss to Condit would in no way send my jaw spilling to the floor.